is hollenbach the shit?

The description of Misha Hollenbach's exhibition, Indispensable Duties at Y3K, Melbourne starts out with a reference to Plato. Not that unusual for an art function, right?

"Plato used to always worry about shitting." Explains P.A.M. designer, Hollenbach. "He believed that one lost some of their soul in flatulence. He advised against eating beans."
Hmm. We are quickly reassured in the knowledge that Hollenbach does not use real shit himself. Using the inspirational notion of Duchamp's ready-mades, his installations embark on an exploration of the 'shit' that humans have discarded. In this case, Hollenbach says, the shit becomes a "metaphor for the unwanted." Y3K is a project run by artists. It is involved with various other art spaces and projects in Australia and around the world.

The exhibition is opening on Saturday 17th October and will be running until the 7th November at the Y3K Gallery, 205 Young St, Fitzroy, Melbourne.

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