cybele malinowski's vacancy

Just quietly, we've become a little fixated on motel rooms of late. The more mysterious, the better. We’re not quite sure why. Maybe it's their capacity to fill the void left by the never-reached locations of Lost Highway (yeah, still digesting). Or, maybe it's just the superb kitschness than seems to abound in the best of them. Who knows…

Speaking of the best of them, Sydney photographer (and friend of Kluster), Cybele Malinowski’s newest exhibition offering, Vacancy, pays homage to these establishments. By capturing aspects of these once-well-trodden travel routes on film, Malinowski is inviting guests to return to the road. Oh, and did we mention the exhibition comes complete with motel-room installation? No, well, it does.

If you want to see the exhibition, complete with in-house live guest, be sure to head down on opening night. Before they… check out.

Vacancy opens at Gaffa Gallery on Thursday 3rd May, 6-8pm

Date of show: 03 May-14 May. Mon-Fri 11-6 Sat 11-5 More...

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