a freebie worth killing for

We hope you didn’t forget about Philadelphia Grand Jury.  

Because even though they’re now all famous and lending big-name TV shows their tunes, Philly Jay haven’t forgotten about you. 

That’s why they’ve been kind enough to give you a freebie. With the name ‘I’m Going To Kill You’, it’s pretty easy to see why an unmastered sample of their newest offering was used in a gun-blazin’ episode of Underbelly.  

And unless you want to wait until the record is released on June 1 on iTunes and seven-inch vinyl EP, we highly recommend you click here.  

To pay these kind and considerate musicians back for their generosity, hit them up on their upcoming tour with Bluejuice. They’ll also be gracing the stage at Luna Park Sydney’s Come Together Festival. And eyes peeled for the LP – it should be on sale by September. 

Friday May 29 – East Brunswick Club, Melbourne

Saturday May 30 – Jive, Adelaide

Sunday June 7 – Come Together Festival, Sydney

Friday June 12 – The Zoo, Brisbane

Saturday June 13 – Annandale Hotel, Sydney

Phil Grand Jury