yeah, so: it's slow club

Hailed as the UK’s long-awaited answer to the White Stripes, this duo from Sheffield do share some similarities with Meg and Jack.

Slow Club is made up of Charles and Rebecca and, just like the Whites, the lad is on vocals and guitar, while the lady spends her days keeping the beat on percussion and regularly chiming in with haunting vocals.

But as far as their sound is concerned, Slow Club are a completely different kettle of fish to their US comparison. Described as "saccharine folk-pop", "rockabilly” and downright "gut-wrenchingly beautiful", the duo have already found success with some of their singles, including the debut 'Because We're Dead', as well as the catchy 'Lets Fall Back In Love'.

Their first full-length album Yeah, So will hit Australian shores in mid-July via the good people at Popfrenzy.