midlake says...

Texan band Midlake are due to release their newest album, The Courage of Others, very shortly. Kluster’s Samantha Hartmann was lucky enough to not only hear an advance copy of this British-folk inspired album, but to also speak with band member Paul Alexander about their newest creation. The band has gone in a new direction, giving them the opportunity to explore different ways to create their music. Fans of Midlake will still recognise the haunting, rich sounds but the inspiration for this latest release was quite different to that of their previous works. This album was longer in the making due to this, but, as Paul explains, the band is happy with the evolution and are looking forward to taking it on the road.

Covered: crazy jazz, B-sides, U2 and British folk.

Samantha Hartmann: What makes this album different from your previous two?

Paul Alexander: It took a lot longer! This one took us about a year longer than the others but it was necessary to get the sound we wanted. We tried to focus more on arranging as a band rather than over-dubbing. For our previous albums we dubbed things together. This time we wanted to record more at once. This took us a while because we had not recorded in this way before. We had to grow as musicians.

SH: Are you happy with the outcome and your growth?

PA: Yes! It’s a good change musically for us. We think it is the beginning of something; we have not arrived at the end of this development. We have just started.More...